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In April this year, European audience had a chance to enjoy the art pieces of the most prominent Azerbaijani artists at “Home, sweet home” exhibition at a newly-opened Azerbaijan Cultural Center at Charles Floquet avenue in Paris. At present, an updated and modified exhibition is held in Baku. “Home, sweet home” exhibition captures painting, photography, installations, ceramics and sculpture, in brief, all stuff that somehow is related to “home” issues. All 15 authors of the artworks, everyone, of course, in his/her specific style, ponder on “heart and home” topic striving to depict a fundamentally new image-somewhat backed by a pleasant conventionalism nostalgy. They strongly focused on the world of household effects- simple and regular stuff, actual or just memorable and imaginary appliances. The exhibition represents the art pieces by Faig Ahmad, Faig Akbarov, Tahmin Ali, Chingiz Babayev, Rashad Babayev, Rasim Babayev, Ali Hasanov, Arif Huseynov, Ramal Kazimov, Aida Mahmudova, Fakhriya Mammadova, Farid Rasulov, Fidan Seyidova, Sanan Alasgarov, Rashad Alakbarov. Home Sweet Home is being held in the Museum of Modern Art. The exhibition will last from 19.09.2013 till 10.10.2013.


During the official visit to the Azerbaijan Republic the President of Croatia Ivo Yosipovic and his wife Tatiana Yosipovic were in the museum of modern art on March 13, 2012
During the official visit to the Azerbaijan Republic the President of Kyrgyzstan Almazbek Atambayev, his wife Raisa Atambayeva were in the Museum of Modern art on March 30, 2012
"012 Baku Public Art Festival\" Altai Sadikhzade 9 march-15 march http://youtu.be/_-qAHqb_MmM

 Welcome to the Museum of  Modern Art!

The museum basis - is the collection of the best works of painting and sculpture of Azerbaijan avant-guardists from 2nd half of the 20th century up to now. The collection shows aspirations, strivings and freedom of human soul.

The museum is designed as a single organism combining art and sculpture, design and architecture. The author of the museum concept, architecture and design, the collection and exposition selection is the artist Altay Sadikh-zadeh.The main idea assumes the following: the halls without an angle, open passages make the review perspective and multidimensional and creates the effect of labyrinth; the bending walls in different angles make an illusion of continuous movement.There are no confined spaces in the museum.A two-storey building is designed as a whole with an architectural linking device – an art-object of “forgotten staircase”. Another joining factor is the color –every part of the museum is white.
The museum itself is a showcase of avant-guard art with its free architectural forms, conspicuous metallic structures, a well-chosen and artistically designed exposition of paintings and sculptures.